Why list with Global IP Attorneys?


Global IP Attorneys.com is the worlds best address guide in the field of Intellectual Property. All the information you see is up to date. Visitor numbers are constantly growing and so are the numbers of registered IP Agencies.

A long time have been spent on the design and development of Global IP Attorneys.com. This huge investment has resulted in a quality, informative, and popular website which all parties in the field of Intellectual Property are using.

We are dedicated to the future development and success of Global IP Attorneys, for the benefit of Intellectual Property businesses and visitors to the site; continuous improvements make Global IP Attorneys the ultimate online promotional tool.

What does Global IP Attorneys offer to visitors?

Global IP Attorneys is an extensive online address guide for everybody who is searching for an Intellectual Property Attorney in any country of the world. Unlike other address guides Global IP Attorneys is continuously up to date and everything is easily accessible. This will lead to repeat usage by our visitors and recommendations to others.

What does Global IP Attorneys offer advertisers?

Global IP Attorneys offers a low cost, effective, means of advertising on a high traffic website. Advertising on Global IP Attorneys offers you excellent targetting capabilities that allows you to reach your target audience in a very effective manner.

We offer the following advertising packages:

  • Top advertisement
    These companies will be shown on top of the list in a random selection
  • Tip advertisement
    These companies will be shown right below the Top advertisers also in a random selection
  • Standard advertisement
    These companies will be shown right below the Top and Tip advertisements and also in a random selection

Of course we also offer banner advertisement possibilities. You can find the related offers here.

All advertisements have a link to your existing website.

What are the benefits of advertising on Global IP Attorneys?

  • Great way to develop your businesses profile
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Attract new customers from across the globe
  • Increase your orders
  • Build service awareness
  • Link directly to additional information

What does Global IP Attorneys offer advertisers?

  • Three different kinds of membership
  • Excellent targeting capabilities
  • Full contact details and other company info
  • Banner Advertising possibilities
  • Ability to update your own advertisement
  • Feature within Global IP Attorneys search engine results
  • No set up fees

How do I register?

It's really easy to sign up with Global IP Attorneys. Once you have decided which advertisement suits your needs, just click here to get listed or contact us if you would like to have your banner at any page of the website.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made online via Credit Card or banktransfer. Payments will be handled by online payment service Provider Icepay

How long before my listing is live?

Your listing will be set live immediately. We expact to receive your payment within 21 days or else your listing will be deleted.

How do I know when my subscription expires?

Before your subscription period expires we will automatically contact you to let you know that your advertisement is about to expire. You will then be given the opportunity to continue to advertise with us.

Related Information

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