At this page you find our registration possibilities. Our website attracts many interested parties and therefore our website can be a good opportunity to promote your firm.

Indeed, we charge a small amount for registering your company in order to be able to guarantee quality and maintenance of the website. Registering your company will increase your business and thus this will be very beneficial.

We offer the following registration packages. Please note that all locations within the same country can be added for free after registration. 

Top Registration (129 euro for one year)

These companies will be shown at the top of the list in a random selection

Tip Registration (99 euro for one year)

These companies will be shown right below the TOP Advertisements in a random selection

Standard Registration (59 euro for one year)

These companies will be shown right below the TIP and TOP registrations in a random selection.

Top, Tip and Standard registrations all have the same format. See this link for an example. Your registration will contain:

  1. Company name
  2. Company address
  3. Email address
  4. Direct website link
  5. Google maps
  6. Full company description
  7. Practice areas
  8. Member of (INTA, APA etc.)
  9. Logo
  10. Fees
  11. Power of attorney
  12. Login name and password (manage your account at any time you like)
  13. Monitor the amount of hits to your advertisement

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Did you know that it is also possible to add a banner to our website. This is possible at each country page of our website and the prices are only 100 euro for one year. These banners have a direct link to your own website. Just contact us for more information.

Of course we also offer banner possibilities. You can find the offers here.

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